Community choral outreach

The Choir intends to continue and extend its outreach activities and to use our choral abilities to reach out to neighbouring communities in the Western Cape with the joy of song. This will include choir workshops linked with schools and charitable organisations.

We aim to carry out two outreach weekends in the George/Knysna district in 2019, and the West Coast (Ebenhaezer/Vredendal) running workshops for youth in choral music and singing, and performing concerts with the local communities. These will be run along the lines of our successful visit to Grabouw in 2017 . We intend to empower our members and workshop attendees to spread music among communities in Cape Town and the wider Western Cape, through our choral collaborations.

As reported in the ‘Rural Arts Network’ Annual Report for 2017:

Grabouw High, 4 March 2017
In collaboration with the Cape Town Male Voice Choir we (RAN) had a fun-filled day of workshops with the focus on voice training, technique, history of choral music and learning new repertoire. 250 participants rotated between four venues, each with a professional musician to train and teach them. The day’s work culminated in an evening concert for an audience of 400+, made up of supporters from the farms and school communities that attended. 180 of our beneficiaries took part in this event with two of our marimba bands providing a pre-concert performance. Each choir had the opportunity to perform three songs after which several mass choir pieces were performed. The guest choir entertained us extensively with a wonderful repertoire that was both entertaining, and also proved to be motivational to our own choirs.
We will also continue to run other outreach projects within Cape Town, which recently included the ‘Link to Grow’ (committed to the advancement of women), and we gave a concert in aid of the ‘Big Issue’, job creation project in July 2018.”

Where do we sing and perform?

The Cape Town Male Voice choir practices centrally (Rondebosch) but performs and runs workshops throughout the Cape Town area and beyond. The outreach events will take place in the George/Knysna Districts, in collaboration with the South Cape Children’s Choir in George (September 2018) and in the West Coast Overberg District in collaboration with (Ebenhaezer/Vredendal) in collaboration with the local communities.

Through our activities we aim:
• To maintain and develop a male choir representing the communities of Cape Town and their musical traditions both through training (singing workshops) and performances.
•To spread the benefits and joys of choral singing to a range of communities in the Western Cape.
•To instill the idea of a life of singing in young people in the Western Cape.
•To continue to grow the Cape Town Male Voice Choir, with increasing recruitment from all population groups, to fulfil our local and outreach aims.

We partner or join with various other choirs from time to time including: The South Cape children’s choir (, Schools and communities who we visit and work with, in George/Knysna and West Coast, as well as our outreach concerts and workshops within the Cape Town area. The Gentleman’s Ensemble. An a capella singing group from Gugulethu (under musical leadership of Mondi Mdingi), with whom we have formed a recent musical relationship. A number of singers are members of both groups. We have sung in a joint concert in Gugulethu recently, and combined in our Summer Celebration Concert in December 2017.

What do we want to achieve?

The beneficiaries of our singing include the local communities we interact with, particularly schools, but also the communities in general, who participate in the joint concerts which follow the choir workshops. Likewise Choir members, who learn new choral and musical skills, and interact in many ways.

We hope to achieve a healing process through music to divisions created by apartheid. Within our choir we believe we bring people of different backgrounds together in a unique and remarkable way.In the future the choir intends to interact increasingly with corporate entities and their employees to create and enhance a sense of community through music and team building exercises.

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