Corporate Bonding

Companies recognize that people relationships are vital to their functioning. Trips away are organized to bring employees together in bonding events such as “walks in the veld” or a “bushveld safari extravaganza” or a beach hotel stay on some exotic island. All are expensive but often do not achieve what is intended – namely to bring people together, help them to understand differences in cultures and outlooks, and appreciate that diversity. Singing together can achieve all this and more, at a fraction of the cost, since joining in song, initially with a very simple melody and later in more intricate harmonies creates an extraordinary feeling of togetherness and joy between people. We are now offering to run bonding workshops for employees no matter what their singing ability, to encourage them to come out of themselves and enjoy being part of a group, achieving a unique feeling of togetherness, enjoyment and sense of achievement.

The day of shared learning which we enjoyed with the Pollsmoor Prison Choir in June 2018 is an example of what can be achieved. Our Musical Director initially went through the basics together with a few short melodies he had composed. As confidence in singing together grew the effect was electric and amazing. You could almost see the prisoners suddenly standing tall…

Bonding in Pollsmoor Prision

We offer this service to corporate entities at a quoted cost depending on circumstances. All monies obtained are used to fund transport for choir members to attend practices, outreach events and performances which they would not otherwise have been able to attend.

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