Corporate Bonding

Joining in song initially with very simple melody and later in more intricate harmonies creates an extraordinary feeling of togetherness and joy between people. And it’s so easy to achieve.

We have joined with the Pollsmoor Prison Choir for a day’s shared learning. Our Musical Director initially went through the basics together with a few short melodies he had composed. As confidence in singing together grew the effect was electric and amazing. You could almost see the prisoners suddenly standing tall.

Bonding in Pollsmoor Prision

We aim to achieve this with corporate employees who may believe they have no ability to sing or are too shy so that they come out of themselves and enjoy being part of a group achieving a unique togetherness, enjoyment and sense of achievement.

We have accomplished this in various communities the Grabouw Junior School with 250 participants rotated between four venues, each with a trained musician to teach them. The day’s work culminated in an evening concert for an audience of 400+, made up of supporters from the farms and school communities that attended.

We have twice joined with the SACS Boy’s Choir for a day’s joint singing and the effect on each choir was breath-taking, instilling a belief that we could make a harmonious difference to the world in bringing people together.

To this end we have visited various towns and villages in the Western Cape including Elim, Pniel, Gugulethu and many others with the same effect of a shared joy and cohesion.

We offer this service to corporate entities at a quoted cost depending on circumstances. All monies obtained are used to fund transport for choir members to attend practices, outreach events and performances which they would not otherwise have been able to attend.

Major companies recognize that people relationships are vital to their functioning. Trips away are organized for bringing employees together in bonding events such as “walks in the veld” or a “bushveld Safari extravaganza” or a beach hotel stay on some exotic island. All expensive but often not achieving what is intended namely to bring people together, understanding differences in cultures and outlooks and appreciating that diversity. Singing together can achieve all this and more.

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