Join Us

Join UsIn our divided country, its wonderful to come together in song. Nothing brings all our diverse backgrounds more successfully together than singing with each other in a trained and skilled manner. Our choir represents the diversity of South Africa in every respect.

So join us and experience something different and fulfilling.

We practice on a Tuesday at 19.30 at St. Thomas Church Hall Rondebosch (just outside the Bishop’s School gates) come and listen in or just join us. There will be auditions in the fullness but that will happen naturally if all goes well.

• Choral singing in a group is known to improves mood, decrease stress, depression and anxiety and it offers a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves.
• Physical health is improved as it lowers blood pressure, increases blood oxygen saturation which elevates immunity, and respiratory muscles are strengthened!
• All these benefits are mere side effects to the truly wonderful experience of producing something beautiful for us as participants to be part of and for our audience to experience.
• Research shows that this sense of altruism shifts a persons focus from their own narrow view to that of a common humanity.
• All of these factors can lead to a deeper sense of well-being and overall happiness.

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